Credit risk is the principal object of management

  - Analysis;

  - KontrolPidsystemy of normative;

  - Information;

  - Technological;

  - Human resources

 Credit risk is the principal object of management for banks.  Moreover, all
 types of credit risk with separate control gear.

 Organizational support credit risk management of the bank
 begins with a general meeting of shareholders (participants) that define
 overall strategy of the bank and the appropriate strategy for
 risk management.  The Supervisory Board supervises the legality and
 validity of decisions.  Implementation of policies developed
 made by the Management Board, yakev turn allocates specific tasks
 relevant departments and divisions of the bank.  Organizational Structure
 credit functions in each bank has features that
 vyznachayusya size, capabilities bank and customer needs.

 Banks must use various forms of control,
 methods of checking credit, sub-structure depending on the specific
 business and customer needs and opportunities, market characteristics and
 particular situation.  However, there are general principles and rules which
 should follow the management of each bank, forming an organizational
 structure of the lending process.